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Load only one-Bedroom apartment 16' truck with 2 Guys
Unloading only 16' truck with 2Guys
Load only 17' truck W/3Guys about 45 steps from the apartment to the truck
Office Move on the same floor in the same building


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Load /unload 24' budget moving truck, moving roughly 2400 sq. ft. of home.

Can you provide me with a quote for moving help services? We are moving from a 2 level home in Dublin to a 2 level home in Castro Valley. We are moving some of the smaller boxes/furniture items ourselves and will generally need assistance with larger items. We will be moving roughly 2400 sq. ft. of home.
Alrighty, so I asked  about the weights of our furniture and he doesn't believe we have any items over 200 pounds, however, he said we have 3 items that might be close to 200 pounds.

Unload a Budget 20' truck 4 flights of stairs. carry distance from the truck to the stairs 30ft.

We are looking for help this coming Sunday .
We are moving into a condo in San Ramon. We will have the truck at the residence and ready to unload. 
Our condo is on the 3rd level, 4 flights of stairs. I believe with 3-4 guys and myself and my girlfriend  we can easily have this done in less than two hours. We have little furniture NO couches, NO bed,  only a couple of dressers and misc. items and mostly boxes and odds and ends. We just need the manpower. Would prefer to   do this early in the day if possible.

Load POD

I have a pod coming And would like you to load it Wednesday morning,  so contents need to be secure. Mostly boxes, 2 couches, dining table, a bed, a few chairs and some side tables.
We had to Protect the furniture with pods tape shrink wrap, the only issue was with the door we have to take off in order to take the couch out. We finish on time with 2Hours 

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1 bedroom apartment load/unload,30minute driving time San francisco to Oakland,
Comment: Moving from a 3 story condo a kitchen & a living room worth of things. The kitchen and bedroom are up 1 flight of stairs, the living room is up 2 flights of stairs. There's also a couch that is very wide, so stair railings would have to be removed and then replaced.
4Hours Job 2Guys